It’s Time for a Winter Vacation – But Where to Go? | Holidays and Vacations

The holidays are fast approaching and many people are opting to take that long awaited vacation. When you think of vacation, the beach and warm weather come to mind. But hold on, there are some fantastic options right here in the US for a great winter vacation. Whether you are talking about skiing, snowmobiling, RV camping or just holing up in that mountain cabin rental for a week, a fun affordable, time can be had by the entire family.Rent a Vacation Home for Winter Fun in Lake TahoeWhether you rent a vacation home in Lake Tahoe, California, or Lake Tahoe, Nevada, this winter fun destination is the perfect place for a family holiday. Your vacation home rental will provide you with the comforts of home with a change of scenery. Start with a day or two of skiing or snowboarding at one of the 15 mountain ski resorts like Diamond Peak, Alpine Meadows, Mt. Rose or Sierra at Tahoe. These resorts are known for having a small-town feel anda less-expensive option for skiing, rentals, and instruction. Whether you have your own or choose to rent a snowmobile, it won’t be hard to find impressive groomed and backcountry trails in the Lake Tahoe region. One in particular, Tahoe Meadows, has big, open, flat meadows that are great for beginner riders and even sledding. Are you a more advanced rider? Then check out the heavier terrain of Blackwood Canyon on the west side of Lake Tahoe. After a full day of winter activities, you can head back to your vacation rental home for some hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows by the fire. You can’t beat winter fun in Lake Tahoe.Newberry and Whitefish Point, MichiganMichigan has always been known for moose hunting but Michigan’s snowmobile and ski trails also make this a top destination for winter fun. Newberry offers an incredible array of things to do and see. On January 5th, the Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race will be held at Muskallonge Lake State Park. Eight and 12 dog team’s race across the 40-60 mile course. You can also have a unique adventure by taking a scenic trip through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula by taking a ride with the sled dogs in their dog-powered trail vehicle. A two-hour ride sure to entice.Whitefish Point is known as the “Graveyard of Ships” as more ships have sunk here than in any other part of the lake. There are literally hundreds of boats and ships lying on the bottom of the bay. The Whitefish Point lighthouse marks the end of an 80-mile stretch of shoreline known as Lake Superior’s Shipwreck Coast.WisconsinDid you know that Eagle River, Wisconsin is known as the snowmobile capital of the world? That’s right this area has over 20,000 groomed trails for both the beginner and intermediate snowmobiler. Not to be missed is the 50th Anniversary Eagle River Derby, Jan. 17-20, 2013. Wisconsin’s Dells Cabins is an ideal location to renal that mountain cabin. Snow-capped mountains, icicles the trees, and frosty breath is the lead in to great skiing in this area. Not a skier? No problem this area offers ice skating and other winter activities. Try Great Wolf Lodge for family fun or take in a little magic for the kiddies at the Rick Wilcox Magic Theater. You can take a trip back in time to the days of the original settlers of the area with the Glockenspiel or the Thunder Valley Inn’s Farm Dinner Show.Girdwood, AlaskaJust 40 miles south of Anchorage, Girdwood has become a premier destination for skiers. Home to Alyeska Resort, Alaska’s largest ski resort, which offers six lifts, two magic carpets, and a 60-person tram, that climbs the mountain’s steep north face with views to the ocean. In for a real workout on the slopes, try the Girdwood’s north face from Christmas Chute to the bottom, they say it’s the leg burner of the century.Bozeman, MontanaBozeman is known as the Northern Rockies adventure capital. You don’t come to Bozeman expecting the luxury of Vail or Breckenridge, CO, you come to Bozeman for hard-core skiing on one or both of their storied mountains, The Bridger Bowl and The Ridge. These two babies are not for the faint of heart! Some of the US’s top extreme skiers train in this area. Travel an hour south of Bozeman and you find yourself in one of America’s largest ski areas. This is where Big Sky Resort and Moonlight Basin come together. The summit, at some 11,000 feet, offers a European Alpine-type experience for the extreme skier.That winter vacation is calling you and you cannot go wrong with spending the holiday’s or the days after the holiday’s exploring the winter destinations the US has to offer. A little research will find incredible deals on vacation rentals and resorts not to mention all the winter activities available right now.

Discover Why London Hotels Are Full and Very Expensive in November | travelling and hotels

November is the month where hoteliers, resort, condos, apartment owners and travel agents gather to represent their companies. The event is called “The World Travel Market “week (WTM). It is an annual global event where hotel and travel industries meet and promote their facilities to prospective clients.This year’s date is between the 8th and 11th November 2010 at EXCEL, London. In addition to Travel and Industry people foreign embassies also have stalls there to attract more tourists to come to their respected countries and promote tourism businesses. This is a HUGE MEGA event which simply put, hoteliers CANNOT afford NOT to be there if they want to promote their hotels or resort facilities!Thousands upon thousands of travel industry people from all over the world will to come to London for this very important global travel industry event. It is like a Superbowl or the Champions League final of the travel industry where everybody wants to be there.Some hotel reservations agents receive booking as early as March for November stay to get special discounted rates. I know I did when I was a reservations agent.Some hotels do not even have their winter rates publish in March! But their travel agent partners would want to book some rooms for their valued clients and a few more rooms for family members, just to be on the safe side. They know that if they wait and book hotel accommodations nearer the date it will cost their clients dearly.You are probably wondering what’s got to do with you as leisure or week-ender travellers? There must be thousands of hotels in London. It’s only for four days surely I could find one hotel to suit my preference? The answer to that is yes. If you are prepared to pay premium hotel rates when you book then there is no need for concern. However, bear in mind that hotels will try to sell their accommodations to the highest rates possible simply because of the “World Travel Market” (WTM) Week. This is the only time hotels can cash-in on the event.Even hotel with no star ratings like Bed and Breakfast or Guest Houses will be difficult to find that meet your needs.Travel industry delegates will come to London at least a few days before the official opening day to prepare their stand at the exhibition. They will also arrange meetings with people prior to the big day. Imagine thousands of travel delegates needing accommodations in the next seven days or so. You are going to compete with them in searching for cheaper hotel accommodations during the WTM week. Needless to say, hotel room rates in London will simply go up. The demands for hotel accommodations will outstrip the supply for this period (WTM). If you are planning to come to London for a short break avoid the “World travel Market” week, if you can. If you absolutely need to be there in the dates mentioned above, I strongly suggest you make your hotel reservations as soon as possible.

Why It Is Important to Learn About Elder Law | laws and issues

Obviously, all of us will get aged – and that’s a fact. This is the reason why we should take time to learn about the scope of Elder Law particularly the benefits and privileges we can get as we reach our senior years. Apart from getting benefits for ourselves, we can also help other people (by sharing what we learn) particularly the old ones who might be not aware of the laws concerning their welfare.There are two prime advantages of learning about Elder Law and these are the following:
It makes us become more aware of the benefits and privileges dedicated for seniors; thus, it can help us get the most out of it when we get old.
Our awareness in elder law will also enable us to help others to get the optimum benefits that they can get from privileges designed for elderly (e.g. we can help our loved ones – parents, grandparents, senior friends – to get the full benefit of the law.
Some specific benefits of learning about elder law:
Medicaid – this is part of the elder law that senior people can benefit; it is the US health program that is aimed at helping families with low incomes and resources.
Privileges for people with disability and other long-term care issues – it is very crucial since older people are more vulnerable to sickness and other health issues that could cost some serious amount of money.
Legal guardianship – this has something to do with the duties of a person appointed by a court to manage incompetent elder and this could cover the elder’s welfare and safety. The guardian can decide on spending the elder’s money, where the elder will live, and medical care.
Asset and income protection – it is about learning how to build a solid foundation, which could include savings, portfolio diversification, and proper risk management – all are aimed at securing our financial future.
Estate planning – one of the three major areas that make up elder law; estate planning has something to do with anticipating and arranging for the disposal of an estate; it tries to eliminate uncertainties concerning minimizing tax and avoiding probate.
Retirement planning program – this involves ways designed to effectively plan a person’s welfare when he retires, which could include insights on pension account, pension plan, retirement savings.
So, I have just share to you some of the reasons why learning about elder law matters. Again, it can help us become more aware of the benefits and privileges, which can be very helpful for our own welfare as we reach our senior years. True indeed that this matter should be taken into consideration by all of us – regardless of age.

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